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An Online Course to Help You Reach All Your Health Goals 

Gain the foundational tools you need to take control of your health for life.


Fewer Cravings

This course helps you understand how to regulate hunger hormones to feel balanced not hungry, all day long. 

Increased Energy Levels

Learn how to naturally stabilize blood sugar to burn fat and have consistent energy throughout the day.

Sustainable Weight Loss

Understanding blood sugar is a great way to facilitate long-term healthy fat loss, and this course teaches you how!

To Achieve Your Health Goals You Need a Foundation and a Guide.

Many of us have tried diet after diet, hoping to find one that will finally work only to end up with the same disappointing results. Fab 4 Fundamentals is different. It's a tool that will help you to experience:

  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Fewer cravings
  • Increased energy levels
  • Effortlessly create delicious, satisfying meals
  • Say “Goodbye!” to diets, deprivation, and food drama for good!

The Fab 4 Fundamentals has everything you need to get started on your journey to optimal health, and you can get started today! 


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I would definitely recommend this course! It really changed the way I eat and made me reevaluate my relationship with food. Thank you for taking the “guilt” out of eating for me! - Natasha, Small Business Owner

I already have the books, but I loved the video format, I felt like I was able to understand everything even more clearly. Watching it on video somehow made it easier for me to absorb the information. It's so empowering to understand how our body reacts to food, and to have the tools to actually execute these changes is invaluable! - Lillian, Stay at Home Mom

What’s Included:

  • 15 video modules explaining the science of the Fab 4, previously recorded and easy to watch (and rewatch) at your own pace
  • 40+ page Body Love Toolkit full of helpful, downloadable reference material
  • Newly available resources regarding prebiotics, bridge snacks, and more!
  • My tips to building delicious Fab 4 meals and Smoothies
  • Recommendations for meal planning, travel, eating out, caring for your body beyond the plate, and more!

Ditch the food drama, restore balance in your life, and enjoy the Fab 4 lifestyle!


Here's What Others Are Saying


One of the biggest benefits of this course was really comprehending the science behind Fab 4 and bio-individuality. I now feel empowered with food and this way of life. Kelly explains nutrition so that it makes sense for you and makes it easier to share with others. - Judi M, Massage Therapist 

I absolutely loved this course because it condensed the book into digestible bites of information that I could apply immediately in my life. The PDFs were also great - I reference them all the time! - Betty F., student

Fab 4 Fundamentals is equal parts information, inspiration, and calming the chaos around food. - Savannah A., Analyst & Mom

I gained a lot of great foundational information, and tips and tricks. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for science based foundational nutrition. I wish there was a course like this that was mandatory in grade school! - Sarah S., Tech Sales Manager

Here to Guide You to Good Health.

Nutrition can be confusing and frustrating, but I know it doesn’t have to be that way. I developed the Fab 4 to make healthy eating simple. I’ve been sharing tools like this for years as a holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach, and best-selling author. I’ve worked with all kinds of clients so I know how empowering it can be to understand the science, and I want that for you.

In the Fab 4 Fundamentals, I clear up the confusion for you. I simplify the science and pair it with my coaching expertise, so you can see that you don’t have to deprive yourself to reach your goals.

Whether you want to appreciate your body more or change your body composition, I’d love to walk through this body loving journey with you, sharing my knowledge and being your biggest cheerleader. I can’t wait for you to get started!

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